Chris Hyde was born in Newport Beach, CA., on December 25th, 1973. As soon as he could pick up a crayon, he was drawing monsters, dinosaurs, animals, and just about anything one could imagine. As a child his family moved to a small rural town called Estacada, just outside of Portland, OR. There he grew up with lots of land and nature to explore, which further inspired his creative talents.

After High School, Chris moved to Portland to pursue his love of music and art. There he attended PNCA while performing in various rock bands, as well as perfecting his art skills in a variety of classes.

Later Chris discovered the world of digital art, and developed a passion for the new medium. He is currently working in his family’s beverage business, while spending much of his free time strengthening his digital art skills and taking on various projects.

When he’s not working or drawing, Chris enjoys exploring the world of science and technology, playing guitar, spending time with family and friends, and watching movies with his cat, Tart.

A little message from author/illustrator Chris Hyde:

Thank you for your interest in my ‘monsterrific’ creation, “Fizzle & Giggle’s Amazing Monster Maze Adventure!” This project was inspired by memories of my early childhood, when my art was greatly influenced by the fantastic creature films and fantasy stories of the early 1980’s. The ingenious authors, artists and directors behind these works showed me that there is no limit to imagination for those who can dream big. My hopes with this book are to inspire a bit of wonder, and spark a little creativity in young artists and imaginative thinkers today- just like I was when I was a little monster! I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did creating it. Happy monster-mazing!

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