Welcome to Monster Land, where hundreds of spooktacular monsters, creatures, and characters live and play! This is a land full of twisting mazes, winding paths, dark tunnels and creepy caves. Some areas are fun and exciting, others are spooky and mysterious!

Fizzle is a friendly blue monster living in Monster Land. One day he loses his pet Giggle while playing in the forest. It is up to you to help Fizzle find his way through all the creepy, crawly, monster-filled mazes, and reunite these two best friends!

Along the way you will meet many marvelous monsters, and explore many fantastic lands and haunted buildings! Are you brave enough to show Fizzle the way through these amazing monster mazes? Help Fizzle find his pet Giggle and save the day!

This charming yet spooky adventure book features 13 large and beautifully detailed mazes, each a fantastic world full of monster fun. Fans will enjoy solving the mazes while exploring every nook and cranny of the wonderfully intricate illustrations. If you are a fan of all things Halloween, you will love this book!